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Oregon ShoreZone is a project that builds upon several decades of previous work. There are existing ShoreZone projects covering the shorelines of Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington. The addition of Oregon to the ShoreZone family extends this valuable dataset from the Columbia River mouth down to the California border.

ShoreZone Images

Oblique low-altitude digital still imagery of the Oregon shorezone was collected to supplement ShoreZone video. Browser these image locations via an online map and link to full resolution downloads.

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ShoreZone Data

ShoreZone georeferenced aerial imagery is collected specifically for the interpretation and integration of geological and biological features of the intertidal zone and nearshore environment. This information is now available in an ESRI Geodatabase.

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ShoreZone Videos

Oblique low-altitude aerial video and digital still imagery of the Oregon coastal zone was collected during the lowest tides of the year in June 2011 from a helicopter flying at altitudes of 100-300m altitude. These videos are now available to stream online.

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